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If i don't review my costumer, don't add thir review for my gig?


If i don’t review my costumer, don’t add thir review on my gig? Is that like hide my review?


Once the order is complete, there is nothing you can do to prevent your buyer from posting their review. No, it will not hide the review.


But i can’t see buyer review before i review my buyer. Why is that?


That is because the review system is constructed in such a way that you are supposed to give your honest feedback on your experience with the buyer. You do not get to see the buyer’s review until you’ve also submitted your review. That’s the reason why it is called a “blind” review.

In case you do not submit a review of your own, the buyer’s review (if they’ve already submitted one) will become visible on your profile in 10 days’ time.


If don’t review buyer will buyer review add my gig?


I have already answered this question… Please read my post again. :zipper_mouth_face:

YES, it will be displayed on your profile as well as your gig.


Ohh thank you very much!!!


The Blind review is constructed to make the review system smooth … and prevent them from crashing Fiver cs.

Before that logical condition everyone complained that “A buyer left a bad review after did his job”.


I’d say it’s only half logical. There’s always the buyer that seems perfectly happy and leaves a terrible review- when you rate them with 5 stars and a positive comment, it throws people off.


Thank you so much for the news.