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If I edit my gig, Then it's lost the rank on fiverr?

Hay fiverr’s, Please help me with your valuable suggestion. If I edit my gig on fiverr then the gig lost the current rank? please help me…


If you edit your gig, it isn’t guaranteed to reappear in exactly the same place.


have any system to update gig without lost gig rank? and how many time to need again it’s rank?

I haven’t heard of any. When it comes to the search results, things can change quickly.

I’ve heard some people say that smaller changes affect their gig less than larger ones, but the only evidence for that is anecdotal.


If i need to update or change my gig, then what can I do?

i noticed the same thing, even my gig is disappear on search


did you get again gig rank ?

it’s been 10 days, gig is still disappear on search

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before edit your gig it was ranked? which option you edit or change?

edit option used , i dont know exactly why my gig does not appear on search result , i am just judging that its happen coz of edit


did you check your current gig rank ?

in my profile there is 6 gigs

one gig is disappear on search , i noticed this is happen coz i was edit again and again. rest gigs is still ranking


How many time you edit ?

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5,6 times in one and half month .

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oh yeah, this is too much ??

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yes, i edited ,coz i dont get orders :frowning:

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How many order you complete?

only 6 orders from buyer request, i dont get direct orders :frowning:

I edited once, then my disappeared for a while in search result. But after some days it came back to the rank. However i dont know clearly about fiverr’s algorithm but you can optimize your gig for better ranking


please help any one expert here? about this … :frowning: