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If I edit my gig, Then it's lost the rank on fiverr?

May be it was not.
Was it??

Yes the gig was about Vectorize an existing image to vector,

The question was is that image an original design made by you?

This was my question.

Yes sure that was an original image…
and what do you mean by original image,

if i edit some text, add some services in my gig. and update value of gig. then if lost current rank? :frowning:

No one can answer that for you.


I saw every one share her experiences. which is help need to take decision. what is done or not.

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It’s may be or may not…

me too the same problem as you (gig disappear)
do you think gigs will be back again on search ?

You should need a proper guide.

i dont think coz it’s been 15 days approx my gig remain disappear on search

i request on customer support but they are not give me response

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I think there is something problem in your gig. If you can make a unique gig it will sell 100%.

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