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If I get message from Buyer from buyer Request What's the next step?

My Question is that if i get message so whats my nrxt step ask him to place order or there is something else??

  1. First of all, understand the requirements clearly. Answer questions if any.
  2. Ask the buyer to place the order before starting work. Send a new offer from the inbox, just to make sure the buyer can place order easily.

Thanks Man❤ it will be helpful

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Never ask someone to place an order. That’s pressure. If they say they want to work with you and agree to your scope, create a custom offer with an expiry of 24-48 hours and say it is available when they are ready.

But never ask a buyer to order something. It’s coercive and rude. It will make you look sketchy and put the buyer off.


Thanks it will be helpful!

thanks for the information