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If i give something ahead

Hi: I am a buyer and am contracting for services. But of course the seller wants some upfront money. If I pay him and it does not work out how do I get money back? Is the money held in escrow or does the seller already have it and I can’t get it back? how does this work? Where is the security for me?


There is no option for upfront paying on Fiverr and trading outside of fiverr is not allowed.
Don’t pay anyone upfront.

You order, pay, and then the seller delivers.

Suggest you read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page for the rules as to how Fiverr works before buying anything.

Everything is explained there in great detail.


On Fiverr you purchase a sellers gig upfront, Fiverr holds the payment until order is completed,14 days later the seller is able to transfer money from Fiverr account to bank account. If you have an issue with the seller or delivery you can ask for a revision and have the seller fix the issue (if they offer revisions).


So the amount is held in escrow? The seller does not have it until I release it? Where is that web page? I have to say Fiverr is not very user-friendly - the frequently asked questions do not state how a buyer is protected

This is nuts - i have no idea whether I am protected or not - on other sites the payment is held in escrow and then released only after the work is done, so the seller has some security and so does the buyer. Right now I do not seem to have any security once I pay the seller, these people are in different countries and a lot of them are lying where they are. One guy says he is in Taiwan and I don’t think he is

Stop panicking. Read terms of service. When an order is placed, you pay via Fiverr and Fiverr holds the money. It’s totally secure. There’s no “web page”. Those other webpages you mention work exactly the way Fiverr works. No idea what you’re complaining about.

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This is from my post above. Take time to read it.


Well basically we are dealing with people who are not in the US as I am They are all over the world and one deal fell thru because the guy was making promises but not delivering, so I have to be careful with this

Well, duh. I’m not in the US. I still do business and deliver good work. So what? Clearly being from the US means very little, since you can’t even understand how the website works and don’t take the time to read the terms of service.


I did read the terms of service - no where does it say the funds are held in escrow. I am being told by sellers that they are but I don’t see it - it say I can ask for a refund which clearly means that the funds are gone. You may be a good person but quite a lot of bad apples out there who ruin it for everyone else. Same person with multiple acs - that does not look good

From TOS:

" * Revenues are only made available for withdrawal from the Revenue page following a safety clearance period of 14 days after the order is marked as complete. Top Rated Sellers and Pro Sellers are eligible to withdraw revenue following a safety clearance period of 7 days after the order is marked as complete."

This is the definition of escrow. Sellers get access to the money 14 or 7 days after you accept the order. Until then, the funds are held by Fiverr. You didn’t read the terms of service.

You can ask for a refund because the funds are obviously gone from your account once you place an order. Not gone from Fiverr. This is literally how it works in any freelance platform.

Having multiple accounts is against Terms of Service. I don’t know how you can be sure that’s happening, but if you are (and you can provide proof) you should report those people.

To finalize, there are bad buyers and sellers everywhere. It’s on you to vet them. If somebody is downright scamming, report them to customer service.


Visual studios: I of course can’t tell whether a seller is in the country they specify - two different acs had the same information - same country, same languages spoken etc when I asked him if he was the same person he said maybe that was his co-worker. No harm there but then I saw a guy who claimed he was from Taiwan and he had the same info & then talking to him the words he used were very similar & then a couple of days later he changes the picture - something does not look right. I don’t know if Fiverr vets these people

Fiverr asks for ID verification, but there are always people joining. If you go for new accounts, with no reviews, lower prices, bad english communication, etc. you are increasing your risk. The opposite is also true. In any case, what matters is the delivery quality. What do you care where someone is from if they communicate properly, have a good portfolio and deliver good work?

Talk to sellers before ordering. Anything can be faked… except good communication. If somebody doesn’t know what they’re talking about, it’s trivial to catch them before paying a cent.


Your concerns are understandable but that’s why you can check the performance of the seller, if many people had good experience before. If he is making deliveries constantly. Fiverr checks the details of sellers carefully and if you have a problem with your order the Customer service is very helpful. This is why this platform attracts so many buyers because they can evaluate the sellers carefully and you can also speak to the sellers before you decide to place an order. Should something still go wrong for you there is very good protection for the buyer

Well, there are bad apples everywhere so if you’re implying someone is more likely to be dishonest because they’re not in US, then that’s wrong on so many levels, naive and straight up
messed up.

If you mean that a person on a different country is more difficult to get a hold of then I’ll agree, but assuming you’re on the West coast and you hire an american freelancer from the East coast…how much different would it really be from someone in Taiwan?

If you want to take them to court over the matter then it’d be easier as it’d be a local litigation rather than an international one, but that would have to be one hell of an order to be worth to take it to the courts.

Repeat with me: America is not the standard for honesty nor quality. This is an international marketplace and you should respect all the great sellers with the most diverse backgrounds offering services here.