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If I go "out of office", can I still do custom offers?

I’ve never really tried the “out of office” feature, so if anyone who’s had experience with it (and come back from it to resume selling) can help me clarify some things, it’d be great!

I’ve been getting consistent buyers in the past few months, all from one gig, and most of these have become sort of regulars and long-term collaborators (for reference, I edit gaming videos for Youtube). It’s getting a little overwhelming trying to balance these regular, scheduled orders (all of which come in the form of custom offers now) with the more random one-offs I get from the one gig (sudden orders, people who order without messaging, etc), so I was wondering if it was possible for me to go “out of office” using the Fiverr feature, but still make custom offers available to particular buyers?

I’m sorry if this question has been asked before! I’m not too concerned about my gig stats or ranking after going “out of office”, more of what features of Fiverr I’m able to access while being “out of office”, if that makes sense. Any help or guidance is appreciated!

(TLDR; Bolded my main question! Thanks :blush: )

It is explained here:

Oof, completely missed this. My mistake!

Thank you so much for linking me!

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