If I have 10 thumbs up and 1 thumbs down I will have level 1 ?!


I have a problem last days with one guy who give me negative rate :frowning:

My statistics are : Completed 18 , Thumbs UP 10 , Thumbs down 1

I have more then 30 days,so I will be promoted to level one ?!




You’ve must be active on the site for 30 days and completed at least 10 orders while maintaining excellent ratings. I think you will be fine :slight_smile:


Ok,thanks! :slight_smile:



what do you mean by refund?

best regards


Always tell your buyers to cancel and be refunded of their money, instead of giving you negative feedback. it is better. Just avoid future negative feedback.


You Must Do Everything possible to Avoid The Negative Feedback. Though Some Buyers Are Weird And Greedy, But It’s Better To Cancel And Refund Them Than Allowing Them Leave A Negative Feedback. I Have Completed 17 Orders, And Cancelled 3 Orders [Meaning It Would Have Been 20], And Am still Less Than 30 Days Since Joining Fiverr, and i still have 100% Rating. Please Do Cancel And Refund Than Getting A Negative Feedback. Cheers


i also rather cancel, but if you look at it on the other side… you put in some effort, some of your time and then some “bad buyer” starts threating that he will give you bad review, you cancel, he gets a gig for free :wink:

that’s not fair i belive…


This is a really interesting topic! I hadn’t realised you could refund, and while I agree that there was the work put in, I would worry that a negative would actually affect future sales…

Something to think about…

Thanks for raising it!


If the feedback is truly unfair contact the Fiverr team and they can remove it for you in limited cases.


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