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If I have looked at your profile more than once it means that


…You are my soulmate and I have a painting of your left nostril above my bed and look at it and pray every morning.
Just kidding, kind of. If I have looked at your profile more than once it means that you probably have been on this website for a very long time and you know everything and you are Yoda and you are Barbie all smashed together. And I salute you and I bow my head to you, Now please help me get my gigs seen by people?
I promise I am a very honest and nice person/fish/ice cream and although I don’t desire to become compost, I can be helpful back to you in so many different ways. I pinky promise. <3


Have you visited the Fiverr Academy yet?




I really enjoyed reading this :blush:


@oda_dellagi Dear nice ice-cream fish,
I took a look in your profile. You are a less than an hour old on fiverr so, welcome! Fiverr is a great place for freelancers but since Rome was not built in a day, neither you are going to make a mint overnight. It takes time and effort and devotion and a spirit of determination.

Consider your profile a business as it has a potential to become one (I wholeheartedly wish you this). This period where you have no sales is the ideal time for you to become well-versed on how to run your business here. As the @creativeguys mentioned above, visit the Academy, the Fiverr Blog, browse the forum from similar threads and listen to the podcasts.

For your sole gig (I’m sure you are multi-skilled - feel free to add extra gigs) it takes time till it (eventually) ranks.

Tweak the title and tags to see what works better, add a video of you presenting your services, use all three images and be patient. Some people here have been blessed with immediate orders others waited long before an order hit the door.

Since you’re so skillful on Instagram, why don’t you consider offering a leveraged package under the title “I’ll help you become an Instagram ambassador” ? Lot’s of sellers offer followers, try to approach your service from the clients’ perspective .

All the best!


Oh that is cool and there are for sure a lot of words on that page. I will take on the challenge of reading them all!


Fiverr gives you a place in the website to sell your services.
After that everything is on you:
your Gigs=your Business
The first days are meant to learn, read, and to inform yourself. Use then with intelligence.
After that just work hard, nobody will give a better help in your business than yourself.
Welcome to the jungle, no place for ice-creams though


Thank you! I love you already lets get married in a submarine.


Sounds good but it has to be a yellow submarine :smile:


Dear Lighthouse. You proceed to light the way for those of us stuck under a shoe. So many great ideas you have! I’m taking lots of notes:smile_cat:
I truly appreciate that you took the time to share all of this with me. The last part was a great advice; since there is so much content on this website its probably a very good idea to offer something very specific! Thanks again :innocent:
In all honesty I thought I invented the service of helping people with their insta,turns out that is not the case. Beyonce be disappointed in me.


Thank you so much for your advice, everything you said made me feel like a proper adult in spite of everything.


lets negotiate and make it purple! Compromise!


No problem :slight_smile: you’re mostly welcome and again best of luck!