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If I have to spend $200 to promote my GIG


Hello Everyone

I have budget of $200 to spend on promoting my gig. What can you all suggest me in order to get higher ROI.

You can suggest something with higher conversion rate based on your experience

Here is my GIG link:





I do not belive in social media promoting since i already tried it and it doesn’t quitely work the way i imagined,but maybe the best way it is to create unique gig with good professional service.


I believe you should change your gig price.
that will bring you more sales.
This kind of services is offering less price that what you are offering


You have only been on Fiverr since July 2017 … you are level 1 with 45 great reviews and 2 orders in the queue so suggest you just keep doing what you are doing. Am not sure that spending $200 will make much difference to you. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for your suggestions but there are different price levels for every product and service depending on the quality of work. I cannot offer less than what I have mentioned due to the time and efforts I am putting on it.

I always craft unique logos and want to give 100% satisfaction to each and every client. Thanks


Its just a suggestion.And i appreciate that you plan to spend $200 to promote your gig


Great to see a seller from Saudi Arabia.

I am agree with 'lloydsolutions" and really appriciate that you have kept your clients 100% satisfiied as we can see from the reviews & the quality of the work… this will promote you more that spending money for the promotion.


I just changed the prices. Thanks for your feedback. I think I need to focus more on building few hundred reviews.


Thanks. I am trying to satisfy each and every customer and give them the best service. That’s the reason I got returning customers. Thanks for appreciation!


Thanks bro!

I want to get more orders since I am charging less and it takes more time from me to complete the orders with 100% satisfaction. With promotion I would be able to get more order even if I charge slightly more and get what I deserve but don’t know what I can promote effectively.


Actually this season is off season for us… everybody will get very less orders due to the holiday. From next month you can have more orders.

i am just promoted my gig only from facebook … other than this month i am always over book and i will be invisible on fiver as i have limited max orders at queue as 5 coz if received more orders at one time its difficult to deliver on time and to maintain the quality in the work


Get a video for your gig :wink:


That’s good to hear from you Irshan. Yeah December is always a bit quite in general. But I am really glade to know that you are getting enough orders.

If you could share your experience that how I can promote my gig on facebook.




Under Selling menus you press Gig and there you can find your active gigs … right side of the gig you can see a dropdown button from there u can share your gig… on FB, Twitter, G+ and linking


Yeah I know that :). Btw are you doing paid promotion on fb or free


its free … first share it on your FB page and FB you can find many Group pages for business you can share on them from your FB page… after that more interested people will contact you


Can you tell me name of the some “Group pages for business” ???


That’s a great idea to share in fb groups. We can check our-self, join the groups and then share our gig there.


Better if you can find yourself and share them with us. :wink:


also there is some outstanding groups at instagram … first you should make them follow you and share your gig from FB to insta … this also very effective