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If i log out each time i log on into my account will it have any bad effect

If i log on into my account by typing pass and username (*not using Remember password option from Browser considering Security issue) and log out each time i login, will it affect my account in any way???


Well its not a good practice to log out every time. As you can see at the time of login needs verification. So I am not suggesting you to logout every-time.


Thanks for your great reply. But i want to know that will it cause any bad affect like disabling/ suspending my account.


Why would Fiverr suspend you for logging out of your account and logging back in again?

If you need clarity on the ToS, then read the ToS.


yes there is no tos issue about login logout. But I think its not a good practice to do. Don’t you think so?

No it’s fine. I don’t follow why you think it is a problem.

No Problem. When you login Verification code need every time

That’s like me asking, “If I leave my house and lock the door each time, will it affect me each time I come home and unlock the door?”

I log out daily.

I don’t live on Fiverr. Nor should you.

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