If i lose Level 2... can i select and keep the 10 gigs that i get to keep?



Tried so hard to deliver 90% of finished work. But as everyone knows, some buyers just end up with canceling the gig for a good amount of reasons. some are reasonable and some are so stupid like ordering a 5$ gig for a 230$ project and then saying, oh wow.sorry i will cancel.

So i have some doubts…

Im currently 85% in delivering finished work. So by tomorrow i will lose my level 2 and be demoted to level 1.
As the demotion details explain…

I WILL LOSE 10 GIGS OUT OF MY CURRENT 20. ( of course im using all my 20 gigs at the moment. But a few of them are kind of idle.

So, big question. When i get demoted… do i get to select the 10 gigs that i get to keep at level 1 ? Or will they just randomly be removed ? ( thats really scared )

Anyone had this thought ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Nobody knows this yet.
If you know you will be demoted then I suggest that you pause 10 of your gigs now so there are no unfortunate accidents.


hmm…thats a good idea. :frowning:


Just YIKES!! :scream: all the way across the board. The possibilities are just crazy…


I won’t be getting demoted but I’ve already demotion proofed my gigs. Less than 10, no gig extras. I don’t plan on becoming a crap seller, I just know that I’ll be demoted one day and can’t be arsed with the trouble.

For example, I have a buyer who is talking to me like garbage at the moment and has already left a 3-star review because he wants me to prioritize his orders. I can’t do that and I have told him in my review Not to odrer anymore work from me if he is not happy with my turnaround. At present, though, I’ve got 3 new orders from him. My only option eventually will be to raise prices or pause the gig.

It just ain’t worth trying.


does pausing the gig affect any kind of rating?


No it does not. You seem to have missed my point.


ah, i see now. its really impossible to guess the outcome.