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If I lose my current level how will it affect my extra gigs and gig extras?

Simple question : If I lose my current level how will it affect my extra gigs and gig extras?

I think I’m going to be demoted from Level 1, so I want to know what to do with my 3 new gigs, otherwise I can cancel other that I don’t have review and aren’t that much wanted.

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You should find the info you need here.

It doesn’t mention what happens to the extra gigs!! I want to know if the 3 extra gigs will be deleted and I will get again 7 gigs in total or not. Am I missing something?!

I’m a level 2 with 13 active gigs (could have 20 if I wanted).

If I’m demoted to level 1, Fiverr will ask me to pause 2 gigs (level 1’s are only allowed 10 gigs).

I will pause the least profitable gigs.

You can do that, or you can pause them. You can also try difference prices, rewrite the gig description, and see if you can save them.

However, there’s nothing wrong with deleting a bad gig.

Just remember, these demotions may be temporary. If you’re demoted on Sept 15, you might get promoted on Oct 15.


When you are demoted, you are told how many gigs you can have and they give you a chance to pause the gigs that you want before they do it automatically. :+1:

Pausing them give you the opportunity to make them live again when you gain a better level. But if you have paused gigs, you cannot create new ones if those paused ones make you go over the limit.

Hope this clears it up.


Many sellers are regetting their previous level where they were before. so you can reget your previous level you should work hard and give quality work.

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Very helpful thanks.

Very helpful, thank you for sharing it.

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