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If I not take custom order request, will it affect my profile?

If I unable to make custom order request successful ( either buyer is not responding or i’m not interested in doing so ), will this affect my profile ?


No it will not…


Thanks for assuring :slight_smile: I received lots of custom order request but few of them converted to final order. Most of the time buyer is not responding properly. Do you have any suggestion on this ?

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No I don’t get those too often.

What service do you offer then? Most of my orders come through custom order requests.

It’s not about me. I was simply answering him.

I was just curious to know which field you work in for that kind of order structure.

It’s not a topic about me!

Calm down. I was only wondering.

Please don’t ask questions about me when I’m giving a simple answer to someone and please don’t give me orders. Thank you so much. No harm done but just saying, it’s a little bit off topic.

He asked a very simple question, I gave a very simple answer and here you come asking me to explain myself and telling me to calm down.

What do you mean “give you orders”? I was simply asking a question, as I was curious. For me, most of my orders come through custom order requests, so I am interested to know what field you work in for that different order structure. I don’t see anything wrong with that. If you don’t want to answer, fine. But I haven’t done anything wrong.

I work on fiverr. I get orders from people.

You said “please don’t give me orders” and in my mind, that doesn’t make any sense.

I don’t know why you are overreacting so heavily. I asked an innocent question and apparently I’m asking you to “explain yourself” which is a complete stretch.

What have I actually done wrong?

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I am not here in the thread to answer personal questions or any questions about me. You’ve done this before. That should hopefully be the end of my needing to explain further.

What service do you offer really isn’t a personal question. I offer proofreading, writing and music composition services. There. I said it.

If you don’t want to tell me, then fine, don’t. But don’t act like I’ve done something wrong.

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