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If I open a Dispute what will happen afterward?

You should read Fiverr’s ToS.

You should also refrain from advising people if you are not sure about what you are talking about.

Also: if you are making incomplete deliveries yourself, you need to stop that right now.


As @mjaninea said, that is against TOS, and you are walking on thin ice. All it takes is one client to complain, and you will have an account waning.

Your gig profile will take a bigger hit if you get a warning!

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Same here…my delivery time expired, So I made an order cancelation request. The buyer was not responding, so the order canceled.

It makes my order completion rate to 50%…

This was my new gig and the first order for this gig

Would I continue this gig or delete it and create a new gig?

Please leave your valuable comments on it

Thank you


Just because you delete a Gig were you had a cancellation will not make that cancellation go away - or change your analytics to 100% again. All you can do is avoid cancellations that can drag your account down further.