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If I pay for a gig will in come out of my account or credit card again


I have a fiverr account with cash in it from refunded projects that seller’s could not complete, if I pay another seller for work will it come out of the account or off my credit card as I think it did last time, do I have to check a box or something far future payments to come off the account as fiverr won’t let me remove this money.

Also if you are good at wordpress,


I’m looking for some affordablebut good quality work, I have lots of business ideas which I need landing pages for.

Do you have access to a quality wordpress theme or will I need to buy one.

www.[fragglesrock].com is a multi page website I would like to clone lifting most oftheir website layout but replacing their text with mine and removing the video on the IMac with another i can organise here on fiverr.

On their second page they have a wall of care givers I would like the same but lower on my single page / landing page as I want to develop a website and matching apps so I as a Quadriplegic and other disabled people can find carers by posting free shifts online that carers who live within a 5 km radius will recieve a email or sms notifications about it if their r free. I will need a little map of a sydney suburb where I live with à red pin showing a vacancy and blue pins showing all the surrounding carers who live in the area nearby. The pins will need to open up in a Small window showing the carers profile.

The idea is to explain my idea. & to see if people will.Sign up for mere information, I can’t work so I’m trying this idea out.



From the Terms of Service: “If you have funds in your account balance, either from your Shopping or available Revenue balance, it will be automatically applied to your next purchase, but only in the event that your balance covers the entire purchase amount.”


It should be 5 or above 5 to use the funds .