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If I provide a service (google ads, google analytics, GTM) that requires the buyer to provide their gmail address as part of the gig will i get banned?

As title. The fear of being banned prevents me from even starting my first gig. If a client wants me to create a google ads account I will have to either get them to do it (which may be messy) or create an account for them in MCC (My Client Centre) and then add their email address in as an admin which is easy.

Will this get blocked or could I get banned for this? can I get the buyer to put their email in the requirements section of my gig? do I have to get pre-approval?


Personally, I would never do this. You don’t know anything about these buyers and they could accuse you of so many things when you set these kinds of things up.


This is not that much of a bad idea because the info is part of what you need to complete the order. I think fiverr accepts this

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If an exchange of such information is really required for doing a gig and you exchange the info on the order page (vs while chatting in the inbox) you should be fine. If you want to be really safe, you’ll have to ask support though, “forum said it’s okay” won’t fly. :wink:

That said, you should be absolutely sure that it’s allowed to create a Google ads account for someone else before offering that option (also, keep in mind that anything that’s against 3rd party terms, e.g. Google’s, automatically is against Fiverr’s terms too).


I get client email addresses and send them mine quite often.
Whenever I request theirs or send mine I always put a note in saying something like “Note that this is only to be used for [purpose] and all communication must still be done through Fiverr only”.
It is just a simple message so if Support do look at it they can see what it is for.
If you are still worried about it, send a message to support stating what you are doing, why you need the address and that it will only be for that purpose. They should reply with something saying that it is ok for that reason.