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If I re deliver the order (since the due date is past) will it be marked as late?

I delivered the order on time. The buyer got back to me after about 24 hours and needed small changes (he didn’t ask for revisions but he told me about the changes in messages) the order status stayed as “Delivered”.

Now, that I have made the changes and the order is ready to be delivered. I just wanted to confirm if I re deliver the order (since the due date is past) by clicking on “Deliver Again” will it be marked as late?

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without revision request you won’t get any LATE deliver issue. But if buyer ask for revision and then you can’t deliver it within that revision deadline , you will get LATE delivered

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Thank you… Just one last thing:

It was a long project so we kept on extending delivery time a couple of times so it’s still fine, right? I did deliver a couple of hours before the deadline so I suppose I can re-deliver without any concerns?

Yes. you can continue that process if buyer don’t sent you extended delivery time offer.

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