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If I refund, can buyer still leave a review?

Scenario: nightmare client, have delivered over and above, still wants more and I just want to be done with them. I expect a negative review even if I refund and it would be totally unwarranted. If I refund, do they get an opportunity to review anyway?

As long as you complete a refund without running late, the buyer cannot leave a review. There are only 2 kinds of reviews that can “stick” in spite of a cancellation. One is when a delivery runs “ridiculously late” (Fiverr’s term - not mine) and a gig is cancelled by the buyer. That leaves an automatic 1 star late cancellation rating.

The other is if an order is completed, the buyer leaves a review, and then after the review is left a refund is made. There are cases where review removal isn’t automatic if that happens, so if you plan to refund after a review is left, it’s a good idea to work with the buyer and Customer Support.