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If I Reply after the buyer's knock, then the buyer's don't reply again

If I Reply after the buyer’s knock, then the buyers don’t reply again. What can be done to convince the buyer in the first message?


Buy him or her lunch!

Just kidding.

It happens.

Sometimes Buyers are just checking Sellers out.

Sooner or later one will pick you.

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#1: Improve your English as “buyer’s knock” makes no sense.

If you write poor English, even if the buyer is not a native speaker, they are likely to assume that a) you are a bit incompetent, and b) you will be hard to communicate with. It is not mean, merely fact.

I keep seeing this term which has no basis in business language which leads me to wonder if people are simply using Google Translate instead of learning the language - the two methods are not remotely the same and can only lead to conversations that amount to purple dishwasher monkey.

Now sadly most people these days don’t understand the value of a conversation so simply ghost everyone they don’t see as an immediate easy fit - and sadly often for a stupidly low price. Most don’t ever seem to read what is put in front of them, even if reading a bit more or looking at a seller’s portfolio might uncover useful info.

this means that you can never really know why you were passed by. Just assume tho that in most cases, it is a blessing in disguise. Just as if you married the best looking person in town but they refused to talk to you, your marriage would be problematic in the extreme.



Thank you so Much @looseink for sharing an important piece of information. I am hopeful it will be very helpful for me.

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Thank you very much @benedictrm, you have said something very important.

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