If I reply to a post which later gets flagged, I am not replying to a flagged post


I don’t want moderators here to see my reply to a post that is later flagged and think I replied to a flagged post.
I might have done that but I don’t remember.

I mentioned a thread had lots of flagged posts and was told not to do it or my level could be affected.
It is considered inflammatory.

I wanted to point this out to anyone else who might not be aware of this.

Do not mention anything about flagged posts.
Do not reply to flagged posts.


Thanks for the warning… I didnt know that could effect a seller in such a way.


Neither did I. I got a strong warning about it. It is a big no no.

I saw a thread earlier which had most of the replies flagged and simply mentioned it as I was puzzled about why.
I’m really sorry about that moderators, it won’t happen again.


Yes, a ton of things are related these days.


I made the mistake of saying “lots of hidden posts here” so this is a warning that these can’t be mentioned.


But you just did… :thinking:



Don’t think about an Elephant.


Seems like your crystal globe didn’t show you that one, ha? :slight_smile:


Don’t get me started at how we have very little protection…


No but it showed me yours. so remember, don’t mention flagged posts.


Oh boy, here we GO again…

Lets start :flag_black:


No we don’t. I come here to chill.


Let me guess, i need to pay to see it. :slight_smile:


OOoooh. burn… ? :fire:


I don’t know what that meant but whatever.


No that was in response to your response to relaxer…?


In romanian we have a saying " Bagi batul prin gard". Meaning you tease with a stick thru the fence :slight_smile:


remember to not mention flagged posts. ever.


If i’m not mistaking, more like 20 mil.


Nope, in this case, i’m the only romanian. It was me who mentioned Harry Potter.