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If i search for my gig i don't see it


i create new gig but i try to search to see if i can fine my gig, honestly for the pass few hours now i can not fine my new gig which i just create, WHAT CAN I DO TO MAKE SURE IF I SEARCH FOR THE GIG i will see it. PLS help me out with any solution


Fiverr is constantly making changes to improve the buying and selling experience on their site. They want buyers to find the best sellers for their specific needs. Because of this, Gigs will rotate. It’s not guarantee that your Gig will remain in the same position. Many other sellers “compete” for the same location within search. If another seller is performing better that you, their Gig may appear higher in search results.

Fiverr use an algorithm, which takes into account multiple factors. Ratings and number of orders completed are just some of the factors they take into consideration.

Here’re some tips to improve your search result

Provide high quality service
Deliver on time
Avoid unnecessary cancellations
Communicate with your buyers to make sure you understand their needs

At this time, to bring more attention to your Gig, you can use self promotion. You can start by promoting your gig on social networks by using the tools that fiverr gives to you on your seller dashboard. Simply log into your account, go to your gig page and share it with your family and friends. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with buyers in the requested gigs section, this is the goldmine for sellers to get in touch with potential buyers. You can contact a buyer in the Requested gigs section and create a gig around the service they’re requesting which will help draw more attention to your account and gigs on Fiverr.


May be you have put it in some other category. Look at the other seller gigs category providing the same service.