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If I set "Out Of Office" mode on for few days in Fiverr, will that Affect my Gig ranking? Seeking answers from experienced

Hey Guys! Thank you for visiting my thread. I tried to search this topic in Forum, but did not get any satisfactory answer. So that’s why I have raised this topic again. Hoping to get the correct answer soon this time.

Now, can you please let me know if I set the “Vacation” mode on for few days in Fiverr, will that affect my Gig ranking? I have an active Fiverr profile so I wanted to know if this is going to be affected.

I am seeking answers from experienced ones and also from Admins to help me get the right answer. Does any one of you went through this and faced any changes/difficulties? For how long you have been off and what was the experience?

Please share your experience so that we all can learn and grow.
Happy Fiverring! :slight_smile:


Nice question buddy. I want to know about the “vacation” mode option also. People who used it can tell us pls, if we used the vacation mode how it affects the profile?


Vacation Mode used to be called Out of Office aka OOO. That is where you would find more information about it. I have used both a few times. When you switch on Vacation Mode your gigs are taken out of the search for as long as you are using it. Then when you turn it off it takes about 48 hours to start getting orders again.

Also, you have the choice of whether or not to let new buyers contact you. Buyers who have already placed orders with you can always message you, however, they get a message that you are on vacation and may not be able to answer. All the while you are in vacation mode no one can place an order. Everyone will have to contact you for a custom order.

The longest I have used OOO is for 10 days last Christmas.


Nice, your answer is very helpful to all. If I set the “Vacation” mode on for few days in Fiverr, will that affect my Gig ranking? When I switch off Vacation Mode then what will be the gigs rank state?

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I used it over the holidays and it did not affect my ranking. Once it expired (I set a start and end date) I started getting messages and job requests in about a day or so.


Thanks for your reply friend! Ok as you used that option for 10 days, so after that did you notice any changes in your profile/ranking? Did you start getting buyer messages regularly when you were back? How was the experience then? Please share :slight_smile:

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I began to get messages from regular buyers right away as they knew when I would be back and ready to work. It took 24 to 48 hours to get contact from new buyers.


Thank you so much for your reply! :pray:
I want to know, did you set the option on to let buyers contact you even if you are away for few days? Let me know, please :slight_smile:

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That’s nice to know! Now I am gaining some confidence to use this option for my Profile as well. One last question - did you set that option “on” to let your buyers contact and message you even if you were out?

I have used OoO frequently.

As stated above, it takes a couple days after you “return from vacation” for your Gig activity to return but I found it so very useful each time I used it.

Reasons why I’ve been OoO:

  1. I’ve been sick the past year recovering from congestive heart failure. I needed some time off.
  2. When I was swamped with orders and didn’t want to fall behind.

I am really sorry to know about your sickness but I am glad you are back with a good health again! Thank you for your answer! Wish you a great success with a sound health ahead. Regards

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The “on” only works to let new buyers contact you. If you do not turn it on, buyers can look at your profile but they can not order. I did not leave mine on.

Old buyers can contact you through your inbox messages regardless of if you are OOO or not. I did do a few small orders for repeat buyers.

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I’m still recovering, actually.

I’ll be dealing with my heart and other complications for probably the next few years.

That being said, I am much stronger than I was, for sure.

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Thanks everyone for your insights. I have been thinking about the option for some time. Now I can breathe a sigh of relief.

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Quite honestly, i do not remember if i checked it or not. I tend to think i did not allow it because I was taking vacation time and didnt want to have to checking for messages.

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I’ve used it a few times in the last few years. At most it might take a few days for business to ramp back up, but I don’t recall any major noticeable impact to my sales. The irony is even when I’m on vacation mode, I still get orders or messages from previous returning clients.

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Previous buyers can only message you and ask for custom offers. There is no option for them to place a direct order. That is the purpose of OOO.

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That’s the spirit! Life is always about a battle that we always keep fighting in our own ways! We must need to show life that we are strong enough to live every single day better that yesterday! Sending you warm wishes and prayers… I hope everything turns out to be in your favor soon… :slight_smile:

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Alright, no problem. Thanks again for your reply

Thanks for your reply and help. I hope this is going to help many of us who were seeking the right answers :slight_smile: