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If i set vacation mode on" will it effect to my gig analytic?

i am very rare fiverr user but i use it at my priority due to other work activities, most of time people purchase my gig and that time may be am offline. if i put vacation mode on will my gigs will be paused or there will be any other mark?

Hi there…
Your gigs won’t be on search results of Fiverr. But if a buyer ends up in your gig and is very interested in buying it he/she will give you a notice

i think i made mistake i thought i have on my vacation mode someone gave me order and i was offline it get canceled and a negative feedback there, now what should i do?

Your best bet would be to contact them and ask them to remove the feedback on their order by reviewing their order history , finding their feedback , and looking for the “remove feedback” text link within.

Buyers have had trouble finding that link… So it may be hard to explain it to them.

As far as vacation mode if you put your gigs on vacation mode they will no longer show up in the search results and buyers would have to click a button basically to inform you that they are waiting (right? someone correct me if I’m wrong)

Another note … It takes some time for your gig to show up in the search results after re-enabling them… or turning off vacation mode.

Best to extend your gig “delivery date” to a comfortable one… even if that is a long time…