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If I sold Coffee maker, shall I make the coffee for you life time?

Fiverr finally cancelled and refunded buyer
Customer support himself assured me that order won’t get cancelled as I have delivered what was asked for. And next day I got mail order is cancelled and refunded.

Well I am stuck with a buyer who is not understanding any point of me and seems she is going to open a dispute after getting all work done.

In short she ordered a coffee maker from me and says that she thought I will be making coffee for her lifetime.

Back story is she asked me to create a custom windows app for performing some specific function like downloading files performing some calculations, sorting categoy, and uploading to her google drive in organised folders, it was not a very basic order I completed the app and delivered.
After she exhausted her drive quota of 30GB, now she asking me that drive storage is very costly, modify the program to upload to a different service. I said I cannot modify the program I completed what was asked for I can only help you with some easy alternative.

But she is saying order will be complete when you download all files I need and you have to help me upload that as well. It was clearly written in my offer “I will create a custom application which you can us to do blah blah…” she says I do not understand, I don’t now how to do that.

What should I do?
My order is due completion tomorrow, and her files will take week to download and upload due to rate limits on source server.

The latest message I got as a reason for cancellation:

Anyway Customer is always right. Cancel the Order.

You knew what I wanted. You just wanted to make a Sale. So you talk to me nicely and said you were going to do work that you never was going to do. You are not good Seller.

If you dont Cancel this Order I will leave the Worst Review you have ever read in your life. I promise, cancel this order.

~~Fiverr’s View on above matter

I am happy how Fiverr handled the situation, they said me that as I delivered what was requested the order does not meet cancellation policy and they will not cancel forcefully, but they cannot also force buyer to accept delivery. So talk with customer and convince them to accept, send additional offer for extra work.

Though I did not got paid yet, but I am happy fiverr did not took a customer side unreasonably as usually other freelancing sites does. I was afraid that I will not be supported as the buyer is a Top Rated Seller. But happy that they seen the case without giving anyone special preference to anyone.

Now I feel more safe as a seller here on Fiverr. :innocent:

Though I have got a new job to daily decline cancellation request as buyer is sending request daily in hope of I mistakenly hit the accept button or forget to check fiverr for 2 days.~~

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Deliver the work and wait for three days for automatic completion? I don’t know if I got it right…

She will reject and ask modification.

Deliver the file with deliver button, write a wall of text in the chat how you enjoyed working and that you really want to help her with the project and deliver the file again in the chat. Maybe she will miss the work delivered part :smiley:

I am in active chat with her trying to explain stuff and help.

But her attitude is being like “I don’t understand, I don’t know how to do that” My motive was this do it this way. I don’t care if it takes you double or triple amount of extra work.

Actually she is not being rude, but simply not understanding any of my point.

I explain a point in 200-300 words why I can’t upload to different service and what we are at with original order.
She says ok, and next message ok this is my password for another service upload it there, you don’t need to change code.

I guess there are two options:

  1. Miscommunication- which seems to be less likely cause after your last reply.
  2. She expects too much and she knows that you have no other choice than to play by her rules.

Explain her one more time that she needs to accept the work since you done everything that was up to you. Offer her to teach her for free how she can resolve the problem (3 pages PDF file, something like that- just google something and send the link to her) and if that doesn’t work out cancel the order and move on… I was in a similar situation a few months ago… Just move on…

Well I am not even thinking about cancel right now, I gave many hours (actually few days) coding that program.
She wanted me to code things on her system via team viewer, that’s a big pain.

I don’t think Fiverr will be so harsh and allow cancellation so simply.
It was not a $50-$60 task that I can cancel and forget.

I am trying my best to make her understand, else will open a disputer tomorrow.

Make me some coffee!!

(Please. :slight_smile: )

Sure I can make it this time, but please stand with me and see the process so you can make it yourself next time.

I will explain how my coffee maker works, and give you a live demonstration and a nice coffee as well. :slight_smile:

Real reply I got:

I don’t know how to do it. And I don’t have time to learn right now.

This was actual reply from her. :neutral_face:

Thank you! :smiley:

Heh, cant believe it and I can’t give you any smart advice in that situation. You actually have 3 options, convince her in nice manner to learn :), complete the order in not sk nice manner and probably get very bad review or cancel the order. If I would give so much time into the order, I wouldn’t cancel in any case.

She is now putting words in my mouth.

You said you will do that.
Please send an extention as agreed so I can give you time to complete order.

She is giving me time to complete helping her, and then only she will give me excelent review.

Crazy, I am fedup.
I am opening dispute.
Will be loosing a big chunk of money :frowning:

Let us know how that ended. I’m sorry the things didn’t work out… Good luck!

There were 500 GB of files, my program has already processed 100+ GB of files.
As I send the program she has the software with her

Now she opened a dispute that seller unable to do task.
I rejected with this message bellow:

Original Offer details: “Copy paste of original offer line” As mentioned in the offer, the offer was to create a custom script for buyer which she can use for desired purpose. The script is completed and a proper demo is given as well to buyer via Team Viewer as it was required to show and explain the software process. During demo itself and after that the program was delivered it has already processed 100 GB of files (can be confirmed from inbox message with buyer and seller). So the program is working perfectly fine and delivered, now buyer has changed their requirement and asking me to process all files then only she will accept order. There can be many Terabyte of files and it was not I ever offered with my offer (Offer is very clearly written as I will create a script that will do this this tasks). For further details Fiverr team can read inbox conversation that I as a seller has mentioned many times clearly that I will create a program that buyer can use on their and to perform the desired that. To summarize the situation in short I can say: “”“Buyer has ordered a coffee machine, I delivered coffee machine along with instructions manual. But buyer is saying I don’t know how to use a machine so keep preparing coffee for me.”"" I am in no situation to cancel the order as I have put days creating the application and it is working perfectly fine. If the Fiverr Team / buyer anyone wants to see a demo of application I can show them that. I still has no problem to help and provide any additional guidance buyer needs. But the order is already ready and complete. I am uploading the program here for verification of order completion.

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The easiest solution might be ask her to create multiple gmail accounts, such as “her_name_001 at” … … “her_name_999 at

Why dont you charge her more for the extra work that wasnt included in the original order?

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She believes I am liable to do extra work.
She is trying to put words in my mouth.

By lines like.

Ok send me request for extensions as we agreed.
You said you will do this that.

We never agreed on extension. I am surprised.
I asked to provide a screenshot of my message.
She took screenshot of her own message without username and sent me.

She is telling I said this that stuffs which I never said / promised. I would have helped her and did extra work as well which I even said it’s an extra work but I can help you as after sale service but only when you accept actual sale.
As even after this you can deny deliver so I cannot put another week in this and get nothing out of this.

You’ve got 2 choices:

  1. Do the extra work needed, either charging more or not.
  2. Cancel - you need this nightmare to be over.

How do you even manage to collect 500Gb of stuff? :thinking:

I want it to be reviewed by Fiverr.
I will not cancel by my own.

Want to confirm If fiverr believes and supports this type of buyer unethical actions.

I am afraid you won’t get anything by doing this.

As @offlinehelpers said, you just have those two options. Even if CS favor you, the buyer can take her money by Paypal chargeback. You will be left with nothing.

She wants an extension, give her an extension along with some decent amount.

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No she doesn’t want to pay for extension.
She says I am liable to do anything and everything related to this project untill she finishes her downloads.

Even if I put extra week for her, is there any assurance she will accept delivery?
She clearly says you have not completed order while I did.

The way she is talking is completely like I am a road side begger.

How can you help someone in this situation.