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If I spend time in fiverr forum..Is it showing me online in fiverr?

I am start spending time in fiver forum…Is it helpful to got more sale?? I have got 8 orders in 5 month…But my gig impression was so low…Average 20…Can you give me some suggestion.


I don’t think there’s any relation to your sales, the forum is for users to share opinions, tips and stuff like that, it doesn’t reflect directly on your gigs.

There is much competiton on Fiverr. I see that you’re in the graphic design business, that it’s probably the category that has more competition. Be patient, do a good job, get good reviews and in time you will get more orders. Making several Gigs and offering different services will surely help.


There is much more competition on forum too.

Who will start more

  • “wheres my gig impression” topics
  • “help me I am new”
  • “I cant get orders”
  • “I can see buyers request”
  • “I have sent unreadable email to CS and they are not responding, why?”
  • “improve my gig” with no link or any info other then he exists
    and many more…

There is no relation between fiverr forum and the platform. The forum is only helping fiverr customer support department to get more comfort.

Yeah ok but that… isn’t useful to people’s gigs at all? I think that’s what OP wanted to know, if their posts on the forum convert into more Gig orders. And they don’t. The forum is just for discussion.

Spending time on Fiverr Forum is not directly linked to the orders you get but yes it will be very helpful in getting to know new people around you who are working in the same fields as you and it is so nice to share your problems, offer advices and much more.