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If i use the Resolution Center Frequently would it affect me?


Hello! Recently i have been using Fiverr Resolution Center alot for the mistakes of the buyer. Some start asking for work that takes longer than the original time, some do not give enough data, some just lain Do not respond. I always move to resolution center for these issues.

If i use it alot would it affect my stats? It should not though because i am following the procedures.

Any thoughts.


I have used the resolution center quite a bit since it began. I have never had an issue with it. I think the key to using it is to only use it when a client is informed about it and is happy to accept the extension. I tend to ask them before doing the official request and I explain why I need to. This approach seems to work for me.


I have not had a problem with my stats after using the Resolution Center. Usually I have a buyer who does not respond with needed revisions in a timely manner… On another occasion the buyer had a storm and power outage in their area and could not contact me. Point being that many of the reasons for the Resolution Center to get involved is totally legitimate and out of our control.