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If i Use VPN to Log in to My Fiverr, Will it Cause Any Problem?

Its been 1 Month, in our country government block the access of facebook, but after block the access of facebook, we face so many problem to log in to fiverr, it take so much time to load up a page also when my buyer send me file i can’t download it, sometime i can download but it take too long time. so i am thinking to use of VPN… but i am afraid also because i don’t know its good idea or fiverr will disable my id or anything…

please help my friends because i don;t know when the problem will be solve :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

please help

As long as you don’t have multiple accounts and your method doesn’t make something look disguised (like wrong country) you should be OK. Ask Customer Support to be sure.