If I want to find person to make Amazon product listing, which catergory should I put my gig in?


Project description: We mainly specialize in high-quality lighting,we need to find a person who is experienced with making Amazon product listing to draw traffic. this kind of work includes product title, feature and description. So it will be perfect if you also good at key words researching(I mean SEO).


what do you mean, which category? It sounds like you are hiring someone to do a job for you, so you would not make a gig, you would buy a gig.

Unless you are explaining it wrong and you mean that you will have a gig titled:

I will make an Amazon Product listing for you.


Reply to @sincere18: I am finding a person, as a buyer, I do not make a gig for this kind of job, I just want to some one to find me and then I will buy their gig to proceed my project. DO I make it clear?


If you’re looking to find somebody to do your job, you don’t need to post a gig. Use the search function to look for what you want, then just buy whichever service appeals to you most.


Reply to @sara1984: All in all, thank you for your kind suggestion. I did this like you said,but it does not help at all. I found a person about 1 month ago, he just cheated me and did not finish my job at all, then I contact him, but he never reply.