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If i will never getting order but getting impressions clicks and views

I hope you all are fine. I am facing a problem of not getting order. I try my best for active online 24 hours. I am getting clicks impressions but not getting orderd.


Don’t worry…be cool, be win.

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Getting clicks impressions means somebody watched and browses your GIG, If it continuing I hope you will get the order.

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Same thing is done with me

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i am also so worried about this i got just 1 order in february i am also getting views and clicks but i think i we are getting views but nobody order us it mean something wrong with our gig pictures i think we should work on our gigs

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can you tell me that is there any problem with my gig or not

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can i reply you my gig link

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Congratulations :confetti_ball: i got 3 orders Today


Wow! Congratulations, and you only just complained 2days ago. I’ve been away cuz I wasn’t getting orders too. I pray I’ll be back to give your kind of testimony


It doesn’t mean that every single view will give you an order. Many people visit our gigs and a very few of them order from us. So don’t worry and be happy with that. Someday you will start getting orders.


Yes Sure i do some thing and i get order

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Yes you are right dear.

Be patient one day you will get ty to be active on fiverr

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Thanks for beautiful words.

Great job!! keep it up.

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