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If I work with 2 profiles in two computers together, will there be any problem?


I work at Fiverr for more than 1 year and my wife works with me at her own profile but she is new at Fiverr so If I tell the client you give her the job and send her gig links to the buyer.
If the client orders her, will it be a problem? It just needs the client’s feedback.


You should probably check with CS first to be safe, so you don’t risk the account(s). There would be a problem with Fiverr if you both had gigs in the same categories (or maybe it’s subcategories?) and sharing the same IP address I think. Also make sure you both have separate payment details.


Thank you so much! Where I can check CS?


You can go to and at the bottom of the page click on “contact us”.


Okay great! Thanks again!