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If IP address is same will it hamper account?

Hi fiverrians,
Me and my friend both are working in fiverr in same category and we are using same internet broadband connection. Will it hamper our account? Though our pc is not same but our internet connection is dedicated. Will it actually hamper our account?

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It is always better to take permission from CS so you can be 100% sure.

It will banned both of your accounts :cry:

Thats bad because we live in a apartment separate room. Its difficult to talk two broadband connections.

It will not hamper your account. Account suspension rules:

  1. You can’t use two accounts in one pc.
  2. You can’t buy or sell from these accounts.

Otherwise same IP is not a reason for suspension.

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Well, no. I’m pretty sure that its if you have two accounts, regardless of whether its the same PC. Using the same IP might make it look like its one person with two accounts. Which is why a lot of people are saying its best to go over it with CS first.