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If it sounds too good to be true it probably is

I have come across some gigs that have caught my attention in a negative way.

These gigs: 'too good to be true’

I for one do not believe that there is a spell that will make you incredibly rich.

I am also a bit skeptic about 1000000 facebook likes etc.

How do you think you can recognize best what is true and what is not?

I am looking to open some discussion about it here.

I guess the best way to gauge it is to compare one gig to similar gigs. If it has all these extra bells and whistles and looks over the top, then it probably is. But if it offers about the same as the other gigs, then it should be ok. But still, you never know until you use the service yourself and judge for yourself.

I’m a firm believer in communicating before ordering a gig. Question the seller to find out if he or she is knowledgeable in what is being offered. In other words, someone offering to get you to a higher page rank should have a system to do so and should be able to at least briefly explain the process.

Reply to @mystic_insight: lol if only, Mystic!!

Reply to @aribron: Yes, I think that this is important as well. I will keep this in mind when I place an order :slight_smile: