If my earning is in pending clearance will i promoted to next level?


Seller must earn $2000 to move to level 2. I have $500 is in pending clearing and that will be cleared after 15 of this month. If i include that $500 then my total earning become $2000. i’ll be promoted to level 2 on 15 of this month or not?


Hi,its will count on next St.level day.means on 15 Oct.i am also on same situation


whats showing in level standards ? can you share screenshot


You mean in next month?


yes, muahahahahaha :crazy_face:


Two months earning count for the level so if you earned $500 in this month and you will make $1500 then you can enter in the next level it’s depend on luck


Hi,sorry to say your r wrong life time earning counts in levels.