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"If my gig is active, you can order..."

Whenever I have more than 10-15 orders in queue, potential buyers start messaging me to check if I’m still accepting orders. If I wasn’t accepting orders, my gig wouldn’t be active and I’m trying to think of a polite and compelling way to say that.

I’m thinking about adding a line to my gig description that reads: “If my gig is active, I’m available. You can place your order whenever you’re ready.”

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I’d be careful with this. I’ve noticed that the ‘are you available?’ people can be the biggest nightmares to work with. In fact, if I could show you my inbox and where things have often gone after me giving a very polite and informed ‘yes, I am available,’ you would probably run home in tears.


“Are you available” = “Do you have the time to put up with my ignorance, constant change of mind, excessive revision requests, and threats to cancel?”

Not to mention, penchant for reducing whole sentences to question marks…

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