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If my Paypal transfer is in euros, do I still pay Paypal fees?


I haven’t been on Fiverr for long and this would be my first transfer, but I keep postponing because I’m not sure how it works and I don’t want to lose too much money with the fees. :confounded:

I see that Fiverr has now the option to change currency when transferring earnings. I live in Italy so I want to transfer in € to my Paypal account that is in €. I see that when I click on “Paypal transfer” on Fiverr it already tells me the amount in € after the conversion fee.

Say I earned 200$ on Fiverr and Fiverr says it will transfer 190€ on my Paypal. Do I receive 190€ on Paypal, or should I expect Paypal to detract some more fees even though it’s a euro-to-euro transfer? :thinking:


There’s always conversion costs. If you withdraw in euro, you’ll get the same as withdrawing in dollar and then converting. It’s much better to get in dollars since that way you can accumulate and only exchange when the rate gets better.

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So I need to pay Fiverr conversion fees + Paypal conversion fees? It doesn’t make sense to me. If Fiverr sends my earnings to Paypal in euros, why does Paypal need to convert them again in euros and make me pay the fee?

That’s not what happens. What happens is that Fiverr charges for it, just like Paypal does. I’m not sure if they charge it because PayPal charges them or what, but the end result is similar.

But Paypal charges for conversion $ to €. If Paypal gets money that are already converted by Fiverr, why should Paypal charge again for conversion fees? That’s what I’m trying to understand

Because probably Fiverr has to pay somebody to do the conversion for them. Fiverr is not a bank. I have no idea what exchange rate they get on currency pairs, but it’s probably not the bank rate.

Either that or they are doing what Paypal does to skim some extra on the top. Fiverr really likes their fees, no matter how little sense they make.

I think you’re not getting what I’m asking. I know I have to pay conversion fees, what I’m asking is, if Fiverr already converted my money from $ to € and charged me for it, does Paypal still charges even though Paypal receives the money in € already? I’m not debating whether it’s right to pay fees or not. I’m just asking if I get charged twice for the same operation or not.

What? Of course not. If you get money directly in euros on PayPal, there’s no exchange inside PayPal, so of course they don’t charge anything. The thing is, if Fiverr charges the same to convert from euros to dollars as PayPal, it’s better to get it in dollars - because then you can keep them in dollars in PayPal and wait for a good exchange rate to exchange a lot at once. And it’s better to keep large sums of money in PayPal than in Fiverr.

If getting the money in euros from Fiverr was cheaper than getting it in dollars and then exchange inside PayPal, then you should get it in euros from Fiverr. If it’s the same, you may as well get it in dollars to PayPal. You can use it to pay for stuff online directly in dollars through PayPal, so you won’t pay any fees on your dollar purchases, for example.

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I guess I will try to set $ as Main Currency on Paypal and see if it brings any benefit? Never done this before.

But I wonder, if I go to buy something, say, on eBay, that is from a european seller and it’s in euros, when I go to pay with Paypal, would I get charged for my purchase + paypal conversion fees, or it just converts the amount I need to pay for the purchase from dollars to euros and nothing else?

There’s always conversion fees. Just buy from sellers that sell in dollars to get around that, no other way.

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Thank you for your expertise and patience!

You’re welcome! Now, if there was a way to force PayPal to allow dollar transfers to revolut, for example… But they force the conversion. It’s highway robbery, let me tell you!

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