If new seller please read this.. this post will be your best guide


If you are starting a business I would recommend you not to use Fiverr. Let me tell me my Story. I was requested to build a game, I delivered it. I woke up one day and some one from the customer support cancelled my order. I was shocked that how and why my order was cancelled. I looked into the policy of fiverr and found that they can’t cancel my order. So I contacted Fiverr support and they gave me a lame excuse that your order was incomplete and it was a violation of our policy. I gave evidence to the support and later they said that the buyer didn’t submitted any requirement. Did you get the point, at one instance they said that my project didn’t meet the requirement while on the other hand they said that there were no requirement. Eventually I won the case, even then I became the victim as Fiverr didn’t gave me my full payment, also my completion rate was significantly decreased. Now I tried to contact support and they always say nothing can be done, I lost a significant business because of it. Now after a few days later another project which I delivered a month ago with 5 star rating (yes the buyer gave 5 star rating) ordered for refund. Now I was shocked that fiverr cancelled the order without verifying it and I lost about $200 in this process. If you are seller then you are not going to be listened, because customer support do whatever they like without following a policy. Fiverr doesn’t have any policy to protect the seller, I would recommend you to move to Odesk or Freelancer, they have better policy for seller.
I lost more than $500 in this process and it really hurts when you didn’t get paid for all the efforts you did .


Fiverr is a thug, just its taking 20% from us and the buyer as well and they are doing nothing to protect both seller.


Can’t speak about the first case you described, but the second one sounds as if it could be a PayPal chargeback - not much Fiverr can do about this type of thing, but you could message them and ask them nicely what happened.

I have to be supportive of CS - any time I’ve had a problem, they’ve been very good.


Thanks for the reply.
In the first case, I was delivered the order and fiverr cancelled it. They refund me 50%, but they never changed the completion rate, which caused me significant amount of loss.
The problem is that I don’t have PAYPAL account, so how will I email the customer support.


You don’t - message Fiverr CS and ask about it.


I message them but I know they won’t do anything. I message the CEO of fiverr. No reply yet.


Just stick with CS - open one ticket, be nice to them, and be prepared to wait for their reply - they really will help if they can.


The other problem is that PayPal doesn’t work in our area and I can’t contact them without an account. So really, I am stuck :disappointed:


YOU don’t contact PayPal - there’s nothing you can do about a PayPal chargeback, but Fiverr CS may be able to help you if you ask them nicely.


I did and I am trying to solve this issue.


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I think other platform are much better than fiverr, because seller are more secured…


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