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If one of my buyer ask for ordered 13 multiple orders?WHAT IS the best way?

Yeah pretty impressive thing? But i wanted to know when my buyer ask for 13 small ad projects and he asked What’s the best way to order them…individually or as a big order?

In my opinion is individually order is best because categories what to do in my work one by one and easy to do revisions if Buyer need? Does It any bad effect to my gig?

Please someone advice me and share your experiences?

Thank You All :grin:


Make these orders of 5.

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It really depends. I know you’re not supposed to break an order into smaller ones in order to get more reviews, and with the new system imagine how much damage 13 orders could make to your stats. That could be 13 canceled orders, 13 bad reviews. That’s giving a lot of power to your buyer.

The fact that they asked you what’s the best way hints that they’re actually legit, but I’d still make 1, or max 2 custom orders depending on the total value of the project.

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Good Point. :star_struck:

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It depends on the nature of the order and the cost.
My advice is not to include all into a very big order. There are many risks and disadvantages for big orders.
From the buyer side, placing many small orders may result in more processing fee if the buyer pays from paypal or credit card.
Generally you’d love to divide the project into smaller orders, for example, 3-4 ads per order. That’s easier to manage and you can get your fund sooner.

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i got this advice.I think my problem is solved…thank you!:heart_eyes:

Happy Selling!

Hi all friends, Yes i agree with urdeke .
(That could be 13 canceled orders, 13 bad reviews. That’s giving a lot of power to your buyer)

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