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If order is cancelled by customer support, Then how much time it will to rank your profile

If an order is canceled by customer support, Then how much time it will rank your profile. My whole profile drank for 3 months. Should I need to contact customer support?


send buyer requests and try to be online more. i am having same issue like you and its almost 4 to 5 months still i am unable to get orders constantly and i am on 10 or 15 pages on fiverr.

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Thanks for contributing! Actually my gig was ranked on 1st page and I was getting orders so, unfortunately, one of my client orders canceled by customer support after that my whole profile put on the last page and it’s been 3 months. I’m really worried about that

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same issue of mine as well. i am level 1 seller. i used to get 2 ,3 orders in a week but now i get 2 3 orders in 3 months

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Do you have any idea, when it will come back on the top. And please guide me, how’re you getting the orders now a days?

i am not getting any orders now a day. i tried everything i change descriptions , keywords even i changed my pricing as well. i reduce 50% of my pricing to get orders but still failed to get any.

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Hope for the best…!

same to you . thank you

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You should focus on your gig:

  1. Try to send 10/10 BR every day
  2. Stay online on Fiverr in the peak hours especially and on forum as well
  3. Do social media marketing of your gig as much as you can
  4. Manage your business portfolio on any of the known site like behance or may be dribble.
  5. Create your social media identity
  6. Digitalize your Fiverr Gig on other forums like quora, reddit etc.
    Note: The important for a freelancer is to keep updating his/her skills, keep learning new skills to flourish to grow. In case your a re not getting orders don’t just stay like that, use that spare time to learn something new in your field of interest.
    Hope this works. :+1:
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Much appreciated. Thank you so much.

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Hmm, I feel like it depends on why the order was cancelled - but I’m really not sure the two are related (I’ve had a cancellation the past month, well, several - although one was cancelled by me and two by CS and I’m still getting impressions/clicks and orders respectively.) Your gigs are not guaranteed to stay on the first page all the time - they are shuffled around since there are many other sellers who deserve a chance as well.

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It’s really nice to see you here. Actually the reason of cancellation was delaying in delivery so that’s why the buyer contact to CS and he was saying I’m running out my business something like that. After that my whole profile push back on the last page. Please guide me. Thank you

Honestly, again - I don’t think that’s the only reason, sure your stats did go down for sure (since you don’t have that many orders, even one cancellation can bring your cancellation rate up) but I don’t think that just because of a single order going wrong Fiverr would single you out. HOWEVER: What you do on here has a lot of competition - it’s not just you or maybe 10 others - so it’s entirely possible that your account is being in the back to give space to others. It’s not great, I know but Fiverr won’t guarantee you to be on top all the time. I’m not sure what you can do (marketing smartly can be an option but that’s not all that easy from what I have seen). Being online on the site/the forum does very little - maybe try to mix up your gigs a bit.