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If Orders Incomplete

Hi everyone,

I been doing great as Fiverr Freelancer for almost a year now, everything seems going right for all my gigs services, clients come and go.

Just recently I noticed that one of my new client placed and order, but it was incomplete, he said that his waiting for his friend to provide additional requirement’s. So, I definitely waited and messages him several times to follow-up the status in order to start, since I can see that his been"Online" most of the time.

Several weeks are gone by maybe it’s like 2 months of waiting he responded by message that his not able to contact anymore his friend, so he then started the gig.

I was able to complete the gig before the due date and delivery it to him, however he let the order automatically delivered even I keep on seeing him online on Fiverr. In my amazement! I was shocked to see that my Fiverr profile “Delivery On time from 100% down to 33%” I can’t believe it, not because client put the Order Incomplete it becomes my burden?

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@airgil bro start channelling yourself towards other things. If you depend here, then you may have a heart attack.

It doesn’t make sense to have such a drop in delivery rate if you delivered on time. Contact CS. The clock shouldn’t start ticking on an order until all the requirements are there.


@chester48 You should read before you comment so you may understand

Yah that’s my point, the clock should not start…