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If sellers visits my gig does it brings any impression?

Hello guys,
I have a little confusion about impressions. Many sellers share their gigs and exchange love. They says it increases their gig impressions. I want to be clear about it. Is it really necessary to ask other sellers to visit my gig and leave loves or is it completely nonsense?


Yes, It’s necessary to need loves on this gig.

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I don’t get sellers love what really brings me.

This is a form of scamming. Would you like to work with a scammer?

Assuming no is the answer, get back to doing what matters and focusing a) on what YOU do, b) what your kind of customers want and c) where and how you can make those things intersect.

Obsessing about impressions is pretend work. I don’t care how many Impressions I get. 1 or 1,000,000 is irrelevant. I care about the right customers finding me and being delighted to throw their money at me for what I can do for them better than others.



It’s not true.

That system is to make it easy for customers to add a gig to their favorites. It’s not going to give you any benefit if you manipulate the system trying to show a lot of customers like your gig, even if “customers” are sellers.

What really matters are reviews, if you deliver on time, if you cancel orders. Those things matter. If you just want to waste time with Favorites and hearts, go ahead :slight_smile:


Making your gig favorite is a way to remember the gig that will help him find you fast later. that’s it, nothing special for your gig that brings

I agree with @benedictrm on this.

I too could care less what my impression numbers are.

All I care about is that whatever Buyer finds me will give me an opportunity to provide them with quality web content.

Sharing Gigs is not viewed in a good light by Fiverr.

Maybe re-read the Terms of Service to learn more about how this system works.

Trying to game the system is a ToS violation.

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if you doing this same. then possibility to copy your service, description, title, keywords & business Idea. Its also make to down in this competition… :slight_smile:

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Yes, I hope you got it already in mind