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If somebody orders the wrong gig


You now need to deal with the negative feedback :o

My story: I have a couple of gigs. I had a ‘thirty day’ delivery time on my normal gig. Somebody dropped a message on it. I said I could do it. He would need to wait thirty days though. What does he do? Goes and orders my ‘3 day’ delivery gig. I don’t complete it in time…bam, cancellation and the automatic negative feedback as a result. Can I get it removed? Nope, customer support told me that I should have notified him that he ordered the wrong gig within about a day of him ordering. The problem is, I don’t check gigs until I come to complete them. So that means I now have to kiss goodbye to one of my gigs which has a 60% cancellation rate due to this person ordering the wrong thing. I also have to kiss goodbye to my 100% rating :frowning:

So yeah, check all gigs that come through :slight_smile:


Aw man, that sucks big time, I’m so sorry! I understand how you feel and that is completely unfair! Did you contact the seller to see why he did that? It seems mean to go and buy the 3 day when you told him he would have to wait and then cancel like that.

99% is still a great rating considering how many orders you have done and I wouldn’t think it would deter sales too much. I had a 98% because of one negative cancellation, but it didn’t stop requests from coming. As with most things on fiverr live and learn right? :wink:


Its happend with me in past, but I convience buyer that he made mistake and placed order from wrong gig,

I think customer support can not help as buyer has some favors in this case, the best way is matual cancellation, offer something free or extra to buyer to save yourself from negative feedback