If someone asks for more then $5


If the seller is set up for $5 gigs and they want to charge more then that like $25 for what you want, how do you pay the difference??? DO you keep having to order each gig 5$ at a time through Paypal 6 times???


if they are sheep then yes have to order 1 at a time if they are level 1-TRS they will have an option to purchase more than 1 quanity or purchase extras


Add more quanity to your order :slight_smile:


How do I really “add more quantity” …What button do I click…do I cancel exiting order and create a new one…or can I modify the order…or I just keep creating new orders with more gigs…


Hmmm Not sure !


no you dont need to cancel the order simply go back to the gig page and purchase again. You will be able to see quantity when you hover your mouse over the buy button, Not all sellers have this feature


Question, why don’t all sellers have that Feature? I am assuming I do as I have had multiple quantity orders - but only recently. Is it a level feature?


Reply to @socalbookgal: yes only level 1 sellers and above are given that option