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If someone asks for your ip adress would you give it?

I had an email from a potential client who also asked me to tell him what my ip was - this was for a review gig.

Is there any risk to giving this out to a stranger??

thanks fiverr

Thankyou for your advice _ I’m not giving it out then. I have already been a scam victim once already here - maybe it’s them coming back for more hard earned money :frowning:

You can just give them this: It’s the US Department of Defense.

Do not give out your IP address. There is no reason they would need it for a review gig, I do these kind of gigs all the time. Think of your IP address like your home address. If this guy is a hacker or trying to scam you in some way, it will not end well.

I just had a client ask me for my IP address too…asking me to answer some questions about names and pronunciation and providing the IP address would help him “separate your answers so we can separate your answers from other types of users (website visitors, contractors, domestic vs foreign, etc).” I’d rather not provide the IP address.

I would not give out my IP address personally, but an IP address doesn’t usually give you an exact location of where you are. More likely than not (90%>) your IP address will display the correct country and then maybe the correct state/area.

I would question his motive as to why he needs your IP address.

I wouldn’t share my ip, so my advice to you is not do to that.
You can’t know how it can be used and for what purposes…

Reply to @vectormoon: LOL.

Reply to @writingrachel: correct, do not do it. There should never be a reason a buyer would need your IP address, ever. it is definitely a scam of some kind.