If someone keep pressing the modification button just to keep the order open


Hi everyone,

I have a client who is keep pressing the modification button to keep the order open until his client say something…(NOT FOR REVISIONS.Just to keep it open) What is your suggestion and what do you do at these kind of situations? Mostly resellers do this… and I’m tried of this because they are pressing it 2 days or + hours after the delivery. Thank you for reading. Hope someone will suggest me something good.

Undefined revision?!

This is in the terms of service as being against the rules and is prohibited as an abuse of the revision button so you need to tell him this.


Thank you very much @misscrystal !!!


Report him to CS from the order page (resolution center)… as long as he doesn’t mention a specific request or modification that he needs, that’s a TOS abuse.


Ask him if he need any modification and tell him that it’s against fiverr’s TOS. Contact Fiverr Support (after 3-4 delivery attempts) if buyer keep pressing revision button but doesn’t ask for any revision.
I have 10+ such open orders.


You also can keep sending the same thing as a delivery if he is doing this. Do it 100 times if you need to.


Buyer may leave a negative review for this and fiverr support won’t remove it. It’s better to contact fiverr support after 3-4 unsuccessful delivery attempts.


Hi @jdpremium & @ilovenish ,

Yes he only said that he have to wait for his client…He never asked a revision… I will… Thank you very much!!!

@misscrystal he he :slight_smile: :slight_smile: But then the order will never marked as complete :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


You need to let them know they are abusing the button and will report them for it. Also tell them you do not give refunds.


Then you have to wait for him forever.


Someone said if you wait 46 hours, then redeliver it then it will complete. You might have to do this twice but the key is to wait 46 hours to do the redelivery since you have 48 hours to redeliver it. Yes it will complete at some point. You have to out last him.

Usually when you tell them it is a terms of service violation and you are going to report him if he continues to do it they stop.


Yes he was asking a big discount. at that moment, I already told him that I don’t give refunds.But I gave the discount. Yea I felt something from the beginning… but I took the order because of my TRS dream …

Thank you for your kind replies everyone! I truly appreciate it!!!


:smiley: :smiley: he heeeeeeee :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Yes :slight_smile:


Once fiverr support told me that it’s against TOS to delivery the same work twice :exploding_head:


No it is not…Read them.


TOS are not limited to what’s written on that page. Sometimes, they interpret specific points.

Read them.


Ok then don’t do it. … I’m not sure what she is supposed to do if the buyer is repeatedly pressing the delivery button just to not let the order complete. I would redeliver it. And tell customer support about it.

In my gigs I only deliver one thing. Never anything different.

The designer I use tells buyers not to use the revision button at all but instead to send files in the inbox.


Thank you everyone for your help :slight_smile: I did what you said :slight_smile: Wrote to the CS too.
Have a good day!!! :slight_smile:


Just sharing my experience as I got an account warning :unamused:


Tell the buyer that this is an abuse of the button and is against Fiverr ToS. You can also mention that your contract is with them, not with their client so if they have no revision requests, they are not entitled to make you wait for a third party to check the work.

I can only see that being a problem when a valid modification has been requested.