If someone mistakenly clicks 'order' and wants to cancel a gig


Will it affect your reputation? Somebody wanted to collect one of my gigs but he’s accidentally clicked order and cancelled it and informed me about it right away. Will it have a negative impact on my stats? Thanks!


Hey viser1000!

As far as I have heard, mutual cancellations do not have a negative impact on your seller status, although I’m certainly no expert.

I have only had one mutual cancellation so far, and I believe when I selected the cancellations request, it may have even stated that it will not effect my seller status.

Forced cancellations are another story though, so be sure you elect the proper cancellation method!

Good luck and many fiverr’s! m/


Welcome to Fiverr! A cancelled order is not a good thing and you don’t want a lot of them over a short period of time. I don’t think 1 will have much of an impact but you can contact Customer Support to get a definite answer. Good luck with your gig(s) and let us know how they are doing and your experiences on Fiverr


Hi guys, thanks for the fast replies! I clicked the mutual cancelation request and it seems his funds returned to him so yeah it’s all good now. I always do my best and work fast even if they didn’t order the express option but I’m worried if this kind of thing would happen more… I never tried ordering anything before but isn’t there a confirmation question before the order proceeds?


Happened to me three times in the last 2 months. 2 of the accidental orders happened when they wanted to collect my gig. Also happened to me once, when i wanted to collect this one guy gig. Fiverr should looks into this matter i think. Some bugs maybe?

Anyway, I don’t think mutual cancellation has any effects on your rating. For me so far so good. I only had 3 by the way.


I have had the same thing happen to me numerous times. What I have been told is that it does not negatively affect your seller rating, but if you have too many of them, it can affect your ability to “level up” as a seller. I’ve not seen many concrete facts about this though.


Reply to @viser1000: It doesn’t effect your rating, but if you accumulate too many cancellations, it can effect your account status. Even if you do mutual cancellations or have customer support cancel orders for you, it could still get your level removed. It sucks. I wish Fiverr would revise that, cuz its not fair.


Hmmm, so having lots of it would affect our levels… I guess if this mistake should ever happen again I guess we can just make a deal with the person to continue the gig anyway and order one of his in return. Both sides lose a dollar but both gain an addition to their portfolio too which i guess isn’t a bad thing eh…

I think there is something wrong with my level as the icon of a green sheep shows in my posts while I am marked as level one in my userpage. But I guess that is off-topic. Thanks for the advise guys!


Reply to @viser1000: The problem with that deal is the fact that both parties would have to wait 14 days for the $4 to clear, verses being refunded and having immediate access to their money.