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If someone order you before conversation

My question is not when you mention in your gig description that before ordering kindly contact with me but anyone order you without any conversation and after placing order he/she will text you and after conversation, you realize that the price is low and his/her demand is high also you can ignore it but when you realize that I can’t fulfill this order then what you have to do?
Because it is not your fault that anyone orders you the work that you can’t do because you mention in the gig kindly contact and make some conversation with me before ordering.

In short, due to this act of seller, you lose your ranking and also fault is not yours.


So in this case what should i do?


You are also seller?


you’re absolutely right, i really wish if somebody can give us some advices so we can handle this cases :pray::pray:

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Yes, I am also waiting for kind guidance.

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I do mention that in my gigs as in my line of work it’s hard for the buyers themselves to assess the actual work that will go into any given order.

However Fiverr is setup in a way that buyers don’t need to contact you prior ordering, so they are no in the wrong if they choose not to contact you before.

If the package they choose doesn’t cover their needs just politely let them know that it’d be an extra $X to fulfill everything they want and send them an extra which they can choose to accept or not.

Have a quick answer saved explaining each and everyone of your packages so they can understand why you wouldn’t be able to meet their requirements for that price.

If you don’t offer what they are asking go to customer support and tell them a buyer order the wrong gig and ask them to cancel it for you.

That may or may not affect your stats, and while most of us sellers are not very pleased with it, as it’s not our fault, it’s how Fiverr currently operates and therefore we have to learn to work around it.

Good luck with it



You made nice point. Contact CS so that it won’t affect your stats.


Thank you!..:blush:

Yes, this is happening with me every day but if you politely explain the client about your the work and ask for the extra $ then they will surely accept it.

Best of luck. :slight_smile:


But, sometimes we didn’t have the ability to do that work, like if I work on wordpress it is not possible that I can do anything related to wordpress.

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Yes I’m also a seller.

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Ok are you satisfy from the replies?


You nailed it all. Thanks for the wonderful tips

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Thank you so mich
This is most useful

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Welcome @willyworld099 to our community.

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