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If someone orders multiple gigs, the deadline stays the same?

For Example:

Someone orders a gig of mine ONE time, I have 5 days to complete it. (this is fine!)

Someone orders a gig of mine THREE times (which means more work!), I still have only 5 days to complete it. (not okay!?)

Is this correct? :open_mouth:

Should it not increase? Meaning 5 days per gig order? So, if they ordered the gig 3 times, it would give me 15 days to complete?

I mean, if I was to get a huge multiple order (like someone ordering 10-20+ gigs) that was impossible to complete in just 5 days, I’d be screwed!

How do you guys work with this when you get large orders?

Any tips, suggestions, advice on this!?

I will just chime in really fast.

If someone is delivering truly quality work, I personally wouldn’t mind waiting for a longer deadline.

I’m just saying. I’m sure others want something done quickly and it will affect their own decision to buy with a short deadline.

I prefer quality over speed.

Reply to @kuzzmedia: I have adjusted some of my gigs from 3 - 5 - 7 days! Right now I am being SLAMMED! I have 24 wine holders to make in less than a week. I just finished an order for 50! I’m not complaining… This is by far my best month so far. I just wish fiverr was called TENerr. LOL

I would add extras, meaning if they order multiple gigs for blank amount I will get this done in 5 days for entire order, you can add time as well

Reply to @madmoo: But if 20 separate people order, I get 5 days on each order. But if the same person orders 20 times, I only get 5 days for all 20 orders. :frowning:

Reply to @madmoo: Also, I am a bit scared to up my lead time up to like 15 days or so… because it may scare off customers. But, I do see others with similar gigs have high lead times like that. So, maybe it’s not so bad?

Reply to @prohelper27: 20 separate people or 1 person 20 times works out to be the same amount of time :slight_smile:

I had to pause one of my gigs today because it was simply getting too popular - after 10 orders I increased the delivery time from 3 to 5 days and then after another 5 orders I paused the gig to give myself time to catch up. I’m sure I’m losing business, but I’d rather lose some sales than find myself with 500 orders and spend my life doing nothing but my fiverr gig.

Reply to @zulualpha: It doesn’t show it like that on my end? I just had someone purchase a gig 3 times. It still showed 5 days as the deadline, not 15.

However, when 3 different people order, I get 5 days for each order.

Reply to @jetfumes: Those wine holders rock, btw. :smiley:

Reply to @madmoo: Well, I made my lead time 15 days, lol. That should be enough. I just hope it doesn’t scare anyone away from ordering. Hopefully, since I got multiple positive feedback saying I deliver great fast work, people will figure it usually won’t take 15 days to complete their order. :slight_smile:

Yes! This! This is so annoying. The whole gig-ordering and combining system with extras is so dang rigid. I don’t know how long it has been this way or if was ever different, since I’m only on Fiverr since November 2012.

I really hope this is getting overhauled as we speak or at least somewhere at the top of Fiverr’s todo-list. As of now it this system feels extremely lazy. But like I said, I can’t really judge how much work or progress this current system experienced.


Reply to @madmoo: Glad I’m not the only one then. The first order I was thinking, hmm…this is nice! The second and third order…hmm, great - all the fiverrs for me! Around the 10th order I started to think that maybe I’d better slow things down a little. I’d love if the system gave us a way to set how many gigs we can handle at once - I found out that about 4 or 5 at a time for one of my gigs is about what I can handle and still get my normal work done too. Would be neat if instead of having to pause a gig (and have it hidden from people who might collect it) we could just set it to only allow up to 4 or 10 or 100 in the queue at any time. Whatever the seller felt comfortable with. It’s not too fun when a message pops up that one person has purchased your gig 10 times if you can’t really get all that work done in the time you’ve promised.

My “I will get your Wordpress blog hooked on speed” gig was featured on the home page for 2 days about two weeks ago. My normal deadline for this gig is 3 days. After the FIRST ten orders, I extended the deadline to 7 days. After the NEXT 10 orders I pushed it to 9 days. Despite now having a fifteen day delivery time, I’m still getting more new orders in a day or two than I used to get in a week.

If you have a good portfolio and awesome reviews, don’t be afraid to extend your deadlines - you can still have awesome sales numbers without being afraid of missing your deadlines.

Yeah, Good Point i used to have this Problem and its was very stressful for me But what can i do lol i hope That i have a lot of orders in the same time Now because i dont Know why My gigs Having the same Number o views :frowning:


I also experienced this on one of my gigs. My delivery time is 3 days for 1 gig and one of the buyers decided to order 5 multiples of that gig! So I had to layout 20 pages in just 3 days plus the corrections. Luckily, the buyer was easy to talk to and I explained that it’s really impossible to do the gig so I just submitted one gig on the deadline and the remaining 4 gigs the following days.

Excellent advice bachas85 That totally works!

Communication is key! :wink:

this happens to me a lot X_X its kind of frustrating, i usuall contact the buyer and we reach an agreement.

I get the same thing.

No matter how much I stress in my gig description that the buyer should submit only one job per gig I often get someone submitting three/four jobs in one gig. It’s getting tiresome :frowning:

What if the client would buy 3-4 gigs the same day? Isn’t it the same thing? Maybe I just don’t understand what you guys mean but what’s the difference between a buyer ordering 4 multiple gigs and someone ordering four separate gigs one after the other the same day?

Reply to @kjblynx: yes, that’s how I understand it. I guess it’s a bit scary when you get several orders each containing multiple gigs. I just increased my delivery time and made a note that simple, $5 orders will be delivered much faster. I keep thinking how many possible buyers missed that part though. Ah well…