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If someone reports me fake for without any reason how it will considered wanted to know?

Yesterday I was so happy I got my Lvl 1 badge:)
So posted on my social media. But today I woke you and see someone who is bulling everybody and abusing in my post …
So I told him not to abuse…

Beside understanding he got too abusive and said I am going report you on fiverr!
if he did report what is going happened will it effect mine fiverr account how it will consider?
I am so nervous :frowning:
I know if it is fake it wouldn’t be issue but still wanted should I be revealed?


If someone reports too many people on Fiverr, their reports won’t be considered important after sometime. Something you should keep in mind though, is that if a buyer reports you, you’re gone!

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If one buyer didn’t talked me or contacted me
but still for this like issue on social media for bullying if a random person reports me what should I do so I can prove myself?

Well, let’s stay on topic with just Fiverr here. I think on Fiverr if a buyer reports you, you won’t have much chance, while if a seller reports you still have chance as Fiverr is buyer-sided. And for you, incase you get reported, you might be able to ask CS, though the chances of that happening are almost 0.

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Reports you for what?
For fiverr to take an action they need to find that you indeed broke fiverr rules. Did you break fiverr rules to be worried?

Where did you take it from?
You are getting warnings for breaking rules, not because of whom reported you. If you didn’t break rules you have nothing to worry.


Like, I said before, Fiverr is buyer-sided. They don’t care about sellers. I’ve seen many innocent sellers get banned for absolutely no reason. Random buyers just decide to do it and ruin people’s lives.

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they do. all my queries was solved by fiverr.

how do you know that if you have 0 reviews on fiverr and that means that you never run into trouble with fiverr as a seller and never requested fiverr support help?

We also saw a lot of those sellers but at the end of the day there were confessing that they indeed broke fiverr rules without knowing it. All of them.
The only person I saw in this years who was wrongly accused is @iamsachmusic and he got his account back because he didn’t break any rules.
(Sorry @iamsachmusic for bringing you up in conversations so often lately! it looks like a lot of people recently have the same arguments)


Oh well, alright, this isn’t a healthy discussion anymore, let’s end this here.

There is nothing unhealthy in having a different of point of view.
I see you posting questionable advises on the forum and I’m sharing my point of view and my REAL experience not assumptions.


There is always a reason for the warnings Fiverr gives to certain sellers. It is those sellers’ responsibility to know, understand, and abide by those rules, so that they don’t get warnings in the first place. Most of the sellers who get those warnings, chose not to follow the rules. Fiverr has every right to enforce the rules on their website.

The rules are openly available to all on Fiverr’s Terms of Service page. Anyone can find the TOS linked at the bottom of any Fiverr site page.


If someone reports you without any reason there shouldn’t be any real reason to worry if you’ve done nothing wrong and can show that to Fiverr.

I’d check the “clone/copy any website…” gig though to make sure what you say/do in it is okay copyright-wise.

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Hahaha, this literally sounds like 20 year old’s (I’m calling both of us 20 year old’s, so whether you consider it … whatever or not, I will stop now) arguing and then saying, they’re not arguing.

Yes, I know, you can see that! Alright, who ever goes through the TOS except for a select %5. Everything I know, I learned from the forums.

Where did you get this?

I report fake logo creators all the time and they get removed in 48 hours.


Eh, well, I think there should be like a reason to report and if someone keeps making fake reports, obviously it will be ignored.

I don’t think there is any reason to think that Fiverr does not take every report seriously.

aaaaaaaa so that is what you meant.

No, I never make fake reports, whatsoever I even do an extra deep search in the deep web to find links, and evidence seller is a fraud.
Recently they gave Rising star badge to seller with stolen portfolio. I just checked, he lost his badge and they deleted his GIGs.

Yes, I meant fake reports. And how do you get the rising star badge?

not sure if this the right thread and it is my first time, i bought from a seller twice, to design things for my ideas, everything is good till last week i finally got the time to actually check the designs and found out all the designs i got are from other platforms similar to placeit, two are actually from other artists, the seller just add some words or do minor change and sold to me as “100% original design” which is in the gig description and also the reason why i bought from this seller. when i found out and questioned the seller then the seller finally said the ideas are from other vectors and she pays for them (which there are no proof for me) but didn’t copy them, however the art designs are exactly the same as the orignal links i found except the words that was added. it took me a long time to decide to bring the issue to the support and let them be the judge because that’s not what i paid for. anyone had similar experience here? what would happen in this case?