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If someone wants to


instead of communicating through Fiverr. I don’t even know what exactly he wants apart from "big business. " Should I be suspicious?


Exchanging personal contact information is strictly forbidden by Fiverr’s Terms of Service. Giving your email address to someone is a pretty quick way to get yourself banned from Fiverr.


What catwriter said and also generally being a bit suspicious when someone who doesn´t know you wants ‘big business’ can´t hurt.


Actually he was the one giving me his email address… i have made a screenshot


You can’t exchange personal contact information outside of Fiverr


You can
But you shouldn’t because its not Allowed here anyway


If it’s about a project with certain bank somewhere offshore, me too, got similar message as this. Highly suspected It’s a spam, and I have reported the message to cs


Thank you I have reported it too someone from Africa contacted me. I guess it is like all those email spams about asking you that the fortune if some dead African president ve transferred through you bank account…:confused: