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If the buyer is male or female


How can I know if the buyer is male or female?Sometime he/she can cancel orders when I call him/her in their opposite sex name. :frowning:

Rudeness of fiverr
Rudeness of fiverr

Don’t call them anything!

Just be general ‘Hi there’,‘Good morning’ etc.

No need for anything else - would it make a difference to you if your buyer is male or female?


We asian normally call Sir or mam.So there is a difference I think.


But you’re not necessarily dealing with people who want to be called Sir or Ma’am - I’d hate it.

Also bro, dude and stuff like that - treat all your clients as gender neutral and you’ll be alright.


How do you begin your message(s)?

Personally, I write “Hi USERNAME” and end my message with “Best Regards, MY_REAL_NAME”. With luck, he or she will also end his/her message with his/her real name. That way, I could see if it’s a male or female person. But to be honest, the gender of someone shouldn’t be really important as Fiverr is not a dating website. Just be general, say “Hi there” or “Hi USERNAME” and threat everyone with respect.


Recently a buyer of mine reviewed as"He did a…job. He is…seller. LOL :joy:


OOO thats a question.How can I get his/her full name?Its not showing.


:smile: Same fault we do.


If you’re replying to a buyer request, you don’t need to know their name - even better - you won’t know if they’re male, female or from the planet Zog!


WE?:smirk: (20 characters)


We mean some of asian.Don’t angry with me :smile: Just a say.


How old you are ?(To be so rude) .You get so emotional over pointless things.Of course there is no point to get angry BHAI .:slight_smile:


There’s no need to call them Sir or Madam. You can call them by their username, or by their name if they sign their messages.

Don’t call them “Dear”, either.


Missed that one - thanks @catwriter!


It doesn’t really matter if the buyer is He-Man, The Incredible Hulk or Wonder Woman just be mindful on how you approach them. @catwriter and @offlinehelpers hit the nail on its head with this one. Unisex & gender neutral correspondence works. Stay away from using those dreadful words. :sweat_smile:


I am only 23 Thanks for calling Bhai :slight_smile: Thats nice of you :slight_smile:


I am from an asian country. I never called my customers with sir or mam?? What are you talking about?? If you are in this line from quite some time then you may know about this. I always use the way of @thatsmauri .


Call them their user name, such as this:

Hello zeehadul

And there is no need to call them anything else. I understand that it is usual where you live to call people sir or mam but that needs to stop on this site since you cannot tell who you are dealing with.


Some people do not want to give out their real name. Some people will after you’ve worked with them for awhile and have built a relationship.

I still don’t know the names of some of my top sellers and I don’t care. I pay them to provide a great product, that’s all I really need.


I get it.Further I will call them by their name.